Who is that guy?

What’s this guys deal? He just walks up to people and asks them about their watch? What a lunatic!

Armed with a pair of binoculars, a ghilliesuit and a camera, I’m on the hunt to find awesome people with some awesome wristwatches.

I have always tend to be intrested in what people wear, and why. Why does that guy on the train wear a Patek, and why in the name of the lord is he on a train? Why is my hairdresser wearing a kick ass vintage Heuer Autavia, am I paying him to much? Does he even know what he is wearing? How did he get it?

I don’t care about the latest limited edition sapphire Richard Mille, because I can’t afford it, and neither can you! (If you can afford it, send me an email, I would like to be your friend)

That’s right, cool everyday watches on cool not-so-everyday people. Go suck on that hodinkee.