A Failed First Attempt @Zoute Grand Prix

So, post number one, let’s get this over with!

I was ready to go watchspotting at the Zoute Grand Prix in Knokke, Belgium. This is one of the most prestigious car events in Belgium. My camera was charged and my shirt said ‘If you have a cool watch, come talk to me’. Ready to start this blog in a proper way!

Now, What happened? Why aren’t there any pictures of watches? 12 degrees, rain and a terrible cold wind. That’s what happened. The few lunatics who were walking on the streets were wearing thick coats and gloves. Isn’t that just f*ing great? Thanks a lot Belgium. So I made the best of it and tried to find some kick ass cars to feature on this blog.

The cars were soaking wet and dirty, all convertibles were closed and lighting was just terrible. Shoutout to Belgian weather.

The new 2017 Rolls Royce Phantom
The legendary Rolls Royce Wraith
The new Continental GT
The new 2017 Bentley Continental GT
Maybach S650, number 1 in 300
The Maybach g 650 Landaulet 1 in 99, just sold for €1.2 million
Afla Romeo, met me know in the comments if you know the exact name!

The 1.8 milion Porsche 918

Lemans Audi R8

The Chiron can’t compete with this

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