The ultimate key for finding the perfect watchsize, Omg amazing mindblowing

Consider yourself a victim of clickbait. But hey, it’s nothing personal, got to make money somehow!

Since you are here, why don’t you just read on?

Watches Smaller than 36mm?

Well, it depends, vintage or new.

You can rock a smaller vintage watch for sure, with a shirt or a jacket. I even wear a 32 mm Omega sometimes.

For new watches, it’s more difficult. Some people (read: Panerai fanboys) even think 36 mm is to small for a mens watch. If you share this opinion, and you also think the 41 Datejust is better for men than the 36, please close this tab, leave my website and go find another hobby.

Rolex Perpentual 34mm, on the edge for a mens wrist

Watches Bigger than 42mm? 

Here, wrist size is a factor. Some guys who look like toothpicks can make a submariner look like the Big Ben. Other people rock panerai’s and 46mm breitling’s, and it just fits. These people are mostly lumberjacks, butchers and gorilla’s. Usually these are really scary people. The manliest of men. The finest specimen of them all.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane 50mm, way to big imo

Nevertheless, it’s a personal thing. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

See, no definitive answer, told ya it was clickbait

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