Watchspotting @BelgiumWatchClub GTG I

So, last weekend I went to the BWC GTG.

It’s great to find people with the same passion as yours and just chat about it for hours. No bragging, no idiots with fakes, no posh dickheads, just passionate people!

Usually when I freak out about a vintage watch, friends who are not that into vintage react in a weird way. ‘Relax man, it’s just an old, beat up watch, who cares?’ Oooh are they wrong.

Submariner 5513 from 1964, amazing cream patina, picture and watch beloning to @Paulmaenen

This was just a whole night of nerding out, feeling like a kid in a really really expensive candyshop

It’s always nice to catch up with these folks!

If you want to know more about them, click here to visit their instagram

Lighting wasn’t good, so it was really hard to take pics. Better luck next time

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