Frolex Datejust 41

My first victim, this is going to be fun.

Just another day in Antwerp, strolling around, until I spotted a flash of a blue Datejust on a perlon strap. Could it be, another ‘Datejust on perlon’-lover? Have I finally found my soulmate?
I approched the guy, but then the horror became clear… a fluted bezel made of recycled Coca-Cola cans and a matte date cyclops that made the date look smaller. Fuck me, right?

Notice the fade and the lack of zoom on the date window. Also, the bezel should be white gold. The shine and color of the bezel should look way different

At least, the guy was a great sport and admitted it was fake. He wore a perlon strap because the metal bracelet broke the first day he bought it.

Turns out I’ll stay lonely forever.


Below: fake versus real

Original price: €8.650

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