Spotted: Breitling Navitimer 806 from 1966

At the Belgium Watch Club GTG, I ran into @thewatchpatient. A cool fellow watchnerd, who is  a watchmaker and a vivid Breitling collector. That night, he wore an IWC Portofino chrono on his right wrist, and a vintage Breitling Navitimer on his left wrist. That might give you a touch on how cool he is. I HAD to feature him on the blog!

Can you tell me some more on that amazing Navi you are wearing?

This is a Breitling Navitimer 806 from 1966. I bought this one when I graduated from my education as a watchmaker. I bought this watch with all the money I earned from repairing watches while I was still in school, which took a long time.  I also bought this watch via an acquaintance of one of my teachers. This makes me extra attached to this piece.

How did you get into watches?

I have always had an interest in watches, but when I got my first Breitling (a Superocean 42 with yellow inner bezel) I got really serious, and decided to make it my profession. I still wear this watch frequently.

What is your ultimate grail watch?

That’s a hard question, because there is such a difference in watchmaking, brand philosophy, movements… I feel like being a watchmaker makes me focus on movements a lot more.

But if I must choose, the ultimate grail must be a Patek Philippe 5712R-001 in rose gold. But that might take a while.

 Want to learn more about his collection? Click here to visit his Instagram.

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