An Insane €740.000 Ulysse Nardin Experience In London

After an exhausting day at Salon QP, we took a pitstop at Watches Of Switserland. They saw that we came from Salon QP (the dozens of bags may have betrayed us) and they gave us a chance to see some amazing Ulysse Nardin models. 

The one that stole my attention was the Minute Repeater. What. A. Watch. Number 10 of 30. 

The thing weighs a ton, but it feels so powerful! I will stop bullshitting and just give you the sound.

Price: €600.000

Another crazy piece was the Ulysse Nardin Kremlin. A watch with a hand painted dial and a pretty awkward box. Not my cup of tea (Yes I’m all posh now), and it will set you back about €142.000

A big shoutout to Watches Of Switserland, click here to check out their instagram.

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