QP: Urwerk & MB&F

Two impressive players from the ‘big little brands’ level are Urwerk and MB&F
Big little brands: independant brands who have low production, but are big names in their field 

First of all, before you all click away and start mocking:
Their designs might not be traditional, and some people might find their looks and prices hilarious, but these brands actually play a big role in the industry. While brands like Rolex and Patek make the exact same boring watch for nearly 70 years, these brands dare to try something new. It might not always be a hit, but it’s innovative, and innovation is a rare thing in the watch industry!

They are driven by passion, not corporations.

  • MB&F:

The oh so recognisable MB&F brought some big guns. The Legacy machine in frosted gold was amazing to have on the wrist. It might look cool on pictures, but holy F is it impressive on the wrist!

Legacy machine in frosted gold, limited to 25 pieces worldwide Price: around €90.000

The Horlogical Machine 3 was represented aswell, and frankly I had no idea how it worked. So I took a quick picture and left the watch alone before I made a fool of myself.

Horlogical machine 3

For that exact reason, I didn’t try the Horlogical Machine 6 on. How the f do you know what the front is?

Imagine putting the watch on backwards.

Horlogical Machine 6, and Sherman the robot with sunglasses

They also brought some horlogical machines. Sherman the little robot was rocking sunnies.

  • Urwerk:

Urwerk never fails to amaze with their designs, and they certainly outplayed themselfves this year! Even though their stand was kind of small, they packed a real punch!

The UR-105CT designs with the protective shield were really innovative. Altough I had some doubts on the one in polished steel.


The UR-105 CT in black
The UR-105 CT in steel

The polished case and shield look amazing, but it might be a scratchmagnet. Prices are both around €70.000

Nevertheless, a real innovative design and a true eye catcher!
FUN FACT: did you know that Felix Baumgartner is the co-founder of Urwerk? He’s that lunatic who jumped out of this airballoon from outer space. Guess space changed him.

The reversible UR-T8, price: €100.000

Really impressive stuff!
Keep doing what you do guys!

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