QP: Bovet

One of the big names on QP was Bovet. This is where I met Tiago, the UK reseller (correct me If I’m wrong) of Bovet. Tiago was a great guy who let us play with some of the most prestigious pieces of Bovet. Everything was fun and games, until he brought out the big gun, the Astérium…

The Astérium is the supercomplication brainchild from Bovet. It has an equatation of time, it gives you the exact position of the stars in the northern hemisphere, and of course a tourbillon, because why the hell not. Rumors say that the watch can shoot lasers.

Number 1 of 30, price: €400.000
The backside of the Astérium

Only 30 pieces were made, and this was number 1. Thiago also told us that after Bovet produced this one, they figured out that the watch was hard to read, so they made the dial blue.

How the Asterium Looks with the blue dial

But who still reads the time on a watch, right?

Two amazing tourbillons, in my hands for a way too short time.

Bovet definitely impressed me at QP, and once I find a buyer for both my kidneys, I might get myself a Bovet!
A big shoutout to Tiago for being such an amazing host!

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