Spotted: Omega De-Ville Chrono

After spending too much time at QP, you lose your grasp on reality. 70.000 euro watches feel ‘resonably priced’, and everyting under 15.000 feels dirt cheap. I had to stop floating and get back to the real world! This is when I met Ian Jerome, a friendly gentleman who was sitting next to me at the bar (my kind of guy), with an awesome Omega De-Ville Chrono. 
I HAD to feature him on the blog!

Can you tell me some more about this amazing Omega?

Actually, it’s an interesting story. The watch belonged to a friend of mine, who repaired watches as a hobby. He needed a new machine, wich costed about 3000 pounds. He knew I really liked this watch and he tried to sell it to me, but there was no way I would have payed 3000 pounds. The watch had scratches and the bracelet was all beat up. I gave the guy £1900, and I gave the watch a full service and bought a new strap. It now looks as new!

How did you get into watches?

My first real watch was an Omega millennium watch, wich I bought in the year 2000. My wife works as a diamond seller. Her boss sold me the watch with full discount, plus my wifes discount, so I got it for 700 pounds. 

It was the last one of the digital watches of Omega. To replace this one today, you pay over 6 times more than I payed 17 years ago. This got me very interested. 

What’s your ultimate grail watch?

That must be a Breitling Transocean on a chain bracelet. I really like this one. 

What a cool guy! 

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