From Eggs To Kick Ass Watches

Last QP post, I swear

One of the brands that surprised me the most was Fabergé. If you had asked me about Fabergé a month ago, you would have gotten a ‘aren’t they the egg guys’ kind of answer. But ho-lie-shiat did they kick ass this year!

At the QP Fabergé booth, I met Nicola. Nicola was one of the coolest guys i saw all weekend. Such a chill, relaxing attitude with that Italian swag around him. Damn I wish I was Italian.
Nicola gave me the full Fabergé experience and let me play with every piece they had.

  • VISIONNAIRE Dual Time Zone

It’s not the date, it’s a second timezone

The VISIONNAIRE Dual Time Zone was a  killer to start with. The new central gmt system is really innovative, especially because Fabergé had to design a whole new movement from scratch, because the second timezone made it impossible to use a central axis. These come at around €30.000, and are available in 18 karat white gold and 18 karat rose gold.

The exclusive Fabergé movement
A better look of the dial with second timezone in the middle

  •  Lady Compliquée Peacock

The Lady Compliquée Peacock was a real stunner. It took me a while to figure out how it worked, wich made me look like a fool. Can you read the time? In the video, Nicola explains how the watch works.


But the VISIONNAIRE 1 was one of the big guns. For a 44mm full platinum watch with a flying tourbillon, it stays relatively low key, wich I can appriciate. Flying tourbillons and 44mm watches are usually really loud and over the top, but this one felt really spontaneous. I might even take it a step further: You could wear this on a bus and no one would notice. Alltough, with a pricetag of €250.000, and a limited stock of only 15 watches, who ever buys this probably doesn’t ride a bus. But hey you get the point.

Fabergé really stole my heart. They are making a comeback in the watchworld with original and new pieces. They aren’t affraid to try someting new,  instead of copying existing models. (looking at you, Piaget Polo). It might not be your cup of tea, but I must give them respect for that.

Kudos to Fabergé

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