Spotted: Iced Cartier Tank Divan

My buddy and I were just outside of Harrods, grabbing some fresh air, until we heard a loud ‘damn, not again’.

A lady just broke her last cigarette. Oh the horror. As a non smoking guy, I actually quite enjoyed it. But my friend knew her pain and offered her a fag. She lit the cigarette and we started chatting. It was then when I spotted the killer Cartier.

I HAD to feature her on the blog.

Can you tell me some more about this watch?

Well, I have always had a love for Cartier. It started with my grandmothers watch, a really old Cartier Tank from around 1930. Actually, it turned out to be such a rare piece, that even the guys over at the Cartier store in Sloane Street tought it was a fake. It costed a fortune to repare tough.

A similar model of the vintage tank

How did you get into watches?

It started with my grandmothers Cartier, the one I told you about. This sparked my interest. But I have always loved things with diamonds and a Cartier logo.

What is your grail watch?

Well, I don’t know. I’m happy with my Tank Divan and my grandmothers Tank. I travel al lot for work, and I’m always on the road, so a collection wouldn’t really work. For now I’m happy, but you never know, right? Maybe one day something with some more diamonds.

What a cool lady!

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