Spotted: Pièce Unique Rolex Daydate 1803 From Christian Zeron

Some time ago, I started chatting with Christian Zeron. Christian is a really cool guy from New Jersey, and the founder of Theo&Harris. If you just asked ‘who/what is Theo& Harris’, go educate yourself, you uncultured swine.

Theo&Harris is one of the fastest rising names in the vintage watchworld. They specialize in selling the rarest and most fascinating vintage watches, most with sub 10k prices. They make people appreciate the world of vintage watches, and they make it accessible.

I had the pleasure of talking to mister Zeron, and he asked me if I could write a watchspotting article about him. (That’s right Christian, I’m making people believe you asked me for this interview. I can write whatever the hell I want. Come and stop me!)

As the cherry on the cake, he wore a pièce unique Rolex Daydate in white gold.

Could you tell me some more about this watch?

I’m currently wearing a Rolex Daydate in white gold, reference 1803 with a blue sunburst dial and diamond indices. It’s a really remarkable watch and I’m super lucky that I found it. It might even be the ‘best’ watch that I have ever owned. It’s getting a lot of time on the wrist, because once I ship it off, I’ll probably never see it again.

Another watch that gets a lot of wrist time is a Cartier Tank I recently picked up. Cartier is probably one of the brands I am the most passionate about. I deeply respect the dedication to their core principles, being true dress pieces with Roman dials, conservative sizes… I think very few brands are as commited to their fundamental principles as Cartier is.

How did you get into watches?

My grandpa had a really cool Omega that I loved. He really did not care about it too much, but I was really interested in it. The thing that fascinated me was that a watch from the fifties could be in such good condition. That might have been the first time where I tought ‘Oh well, old mechanical things are interesting’.

I really fell in love with watches when my dad opened up his Rolex GMT II Pepsi. My dad grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods of Brooklyn without money. To see this fourty year old man, who grew up with cockroaches in his appartment, get tears in his eyes when he opened up his first Rolex was a really influencial moment in my life. It showed me that watches mean more than material. Watches can speak to someone in such a symbolic way. That was a real punch in the gut.

What was your first watch?

My first analog watch was a Swatch from the 2004 Olympics. I still own and wear that watch today.

My first ‘real’ watch was a Rolex Datejust 1601 of 1977. I still wear it a lot, especially with this amazing T&H Jean Rousseau Type 1 strap ! This might be one of the few watches that I would never sell.

What’s your ultimate grail watch

That’s hard to answer, especially with my job.
For me, my grail has to be a watch that means a lot to me. With my job, I can own and sell (almost) any watch. Even the craziest watches, altough they do impress me, don’t keep me up at night.
Some people dream about wearing a gold Rolex, or can only imagine holding a Royal Oak. My job allows me to be around these watches every day, so my grail must be something with a lot of emotional value. For me personally, I would rather look after my dad’s GMT than some complicated Patek.

What an amazing guy! A textbook example of ‘follow your dreams’. Kudos to you, Christian, keep doing what you do!

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