Spotted: Tudor BB Chrono (From Mister Tudor)

This is a special one, since we spotted a celebrity: the one and only Mister Tudor!

Mister Tudor is one of the biggest and most influential Tudor related Instagram pages. But who is the man behind the snowflake hands? Some legends say he might be Tudor ambassador David Beckham himself, others think he might be Lady Gaga with very hairy wrists. Others think he might just be a fun alcoholic living in Holland. But these are all just rumors of course.

Since Mister T is a buddy of mine, I wanted to feature him in this blog for quite some time. Turns out he just treated himself with a new watch! I HAD to feature him.

Can you tell me some more about this amazing watch?

The first time I saw the new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono was at the pre-Baselworld event of Tudor last year. Together with a select group of others I got to wear the watch as one of the first people in the world. At that moment I was not blown away. Even though I had been hoping for a Big Block heritage for a while, and this watch having all the characteristic Black Bay features, I didn’t have that ‘wow’ effect.

A few months later, I tried on the watch again, but this time in a relaxed environment with an OEM leather strap. I instantly fell in love and bought it right away. Trying it on with a fitting strap in a relaxed environment without pushy salesmen breathing in your neck was way more comforting, and just the push I needed. I have never been more satisfied with a purchase. I have worn it every day ever since.

How did you get into watches?

The first ‘real’ watch that I bought myself was the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Red, with ETA movement. This watch started the passion. I owned some other watches, but they were inheritances or gifts. I had earned my first “big paycheck” and wanted to spend part of it on a watch. I have always had a giant crush on the 16710 GMT-Master with Cola insert, but this was way out of my league, and with vintage you always have to be very selective before making your final choice.

Instead of saving up and taking my time to choose the right watch, I got really impatient and said to a friend: “I MUST have a new watch before the year ends!” By the time, it was December 30th. My friend introduced me to his personal Tudor Black Bay Red. I was amazed by it’s beauty, it was well within my budget, and came from the same factory as Rolex. We went to an AD the day after, the 31th of December, I fell in love even more and bought the watch, a few hours before New Year. I kept my promise.

How did you start your Instagram?

When i just got my Black Bay Red, I was euphoric and completely in love. Never before had I seen something as beautiful as my own TUDOR. I was so obsessed that I looked up the entire history of the brand. This created such a respect for the brand that I started to share their story with everyone I encountered. After a while my friends started calling me “Mister Tudor”. I guess I was kind of obsessed.

I obviously followed all the great watch pages on Instagram and thought ’why not share my passion with the world?’ The first few years I kept this to myself, and today I still try to remain anonymous.

My passion for Tudor has only grown and I continue to make the same choices in new purchases. For a fairly reasonable price I can buy a watch made in the same factory as Rolex, with the same quality finish! My Tudor’s can put the same smile on my face as a Rolex can. My choice has always been made easy.

What a cool guy! Make sure to check out his Instagram for more amazing Tudor pictures!

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