Why Everyone Should Own A Casio MRW

It’s easy to have an interesting price-quality ratio when the price is cheap as dirt. For just over 25 euro’s, you can pick this bad boy up. But why am I so interested in a Chinese, bottom of the barrel sweatshop watch?

You have watches that are made for daily use (like a Daytona), you have ‘daily beater’ watches (like a Speedmaster or a Seiko), and you have -spit them in the face and kick them in the nuts- watches. This one belongs to the last category.

Let’s start with some stats. The Casio MRW has a 44,6mm case, but feels way smaller on the wrist. The case, strap, buckle… are all made of plastic, making this a lightweight watch. The movement is… meh. A cheap quartz movement, but it works.

And still, I recommend everyone to own one.

Why should you get one?

First of all, ask yourself: How do you use your watches, and when do you use them? If you’re looking for a respectable beater watch to take to the beach and not worry too much when it gets sandy of gets jammed in a doorknob, get yourself a Seiko, an Oris, or even a Longines or an older Seamaster.

To me, this watch is like the ripped pair of jeans with oil and paint stains you keep in your garage. Will you wear it on someones birthday? No! Will you wear it at work? Sure as hell not! But when you are chopping down a tree, changing your oilfilter or helping your buddy paint his house, you are really happy you didn’t ruin your favorite pair of pants.

It’s just a fun emergency watch. The black plasic case makes scratches invisible and the scratches on the glass and bezel give it a tough look.

It’s ability to take a beating is the main reason I love this one. Mine is about a year old, and the bezel is jammed, the strap smells like gasoline and the daydate has been broken since day one, and I still adore it!

Scratch it, beat it, break it, forget about it for months, but when you strap it on again, it’s ready to fight!

Btw: this watch is NOT a ripoff of the Breitling Skyracer. The Skyracer got launched multiple years AFTER the Casio.

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