Why The New Aquanaut Is One Of The Most Important Pateks Of The Last Few Years.

Let’s be honest: the new Aquanaut 5968A is not the prettiest Patek out there, not even close. Personally, I don’t even like it. But still, the new Aquanaut is an important evolution in the world and history of Patek. Let me explain why.

Ever since day one, Patek has always tried to focus on the ‘classy gentleman lifestyle’. This can be seen in their designs, their marketing, advertising and of course their entire collection. They aim on wealthy, middle age men, and they don’t even try to hide it.

This is exactly why the new Aquanaut is such a surprise. The orange details and orange rubber strap make this the most casual and sporty Patek ever made. It shows that they finally acknowledge and target their younger audience. This watch tries to distance itself from the ’60 year old CEO’ image to a hipper and younger image, without losing Pateks identity. That’s why it was a smart move to launch a platinum perpentual Nautilus and a salmon dial perpetual calendar. They are not changing or selling out, they are growing.

This means that we can expect an entire line of more casual and sporty Patek’s to come in the next few years.

Smart move If you ask me.

Prices are around €33.000

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