Wear It A Weekend: Breitling Blackbird

This article started by accident. Short recap: I went to a pub to get some beers with a fellow watchgeek. OK I lied. I got wasted on a tuesdaynight with a guy who just happened to be into watches. A mere coincidence.

We did the obligated ‘watch swap’ and we started drinking. A few hours later when I got home, I noticed a Breitling Avenger Blackbird on my wrist. Something must have gone tremendously wrong.

Nevertheless, I decided to keep the Breitling for a while, just because my buddy stole my Rolex. Fair trade.

So there I was, drunk at home with an amazing, titanium Breitling that wasn’t mine. Why not milk the occasion and push out a silly article? Don’t blame me, you are the weirdo who is reading it.

First impression:

I’m used to 36-40mm watches, so it takes some time to adjust to a 44 mm watch. If you are used to 40-45mm watches, there is no problem.

I’m a huge sucker for patina hands, matte dials and red text on dials. This Blackbird checks all the boxes. We are in for a fun weekend!

This is not your typical Breitling. Even though it has the signature Breitling case and bezel, the black titanium makes it feel like something else.

Also, I was surprised to see that the watch was only rated for 200m diving. It has the same kind of crown and titanium case (yet thinner) as the Avenger Seawolf, wich is rated for 3000m.

Of course this is not an issue, but still a surprise.

And since we are nitpicking, the 11 and 1 hour markers are a bit weird because they are so close to the Breitling logo at 12. This feels a bit off.

Nevertheless an amazing watch, and one of the coolest Breitling divers out there. If you think Breitling makes boring watches, give this one a try.

The fabric strap feels amazing and I have caught myself staring at the watch for hours. No big bling or statement watch, just a gorgeous everyday beater I would love to add to the collection one day!

For those interested: the owner told me that the watch is for sale, shoot me an e-mail for more info.

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