Spotted: Audemars Piguet Openworked 15305ST

What do a green H.Moser& Cie, a red Roger Dubuis, an ice blue platinum Rolex Daydate and a blue-carbon Richard Mille have in common? Not a lot, except that you need some serious cohones to pull off a collection like that. Enter Ahmed, a member of the Dubai Watch Club, a fan of the site and most important, a personal friend. He has one of the coolest, most diverse collections I have ever seen, and the list I just mentioned isn’t even half of his watch box! We can’t ignore a collection like that, can we?

What’s the watch that means the most to you?

The watch that means the most to me is my Audemars Piguet 15305ST a.k.a Openworked 39mm. Before I had any knowledge about watches, I fell in love with this watch the first time I laid my eyes on it. At that time I hadn’t even purchased my first watch, so thinking about owning that thing was like a dream. By the time I was engrossed enough in the world of watches, I found the opportunity to finally buy this AP.

After I bought it, I learnt more about hand finishing and the very high level of craft that goes in making such a piece. The fact that this watch actually contains a high horological value made me love it even more. In addition, the watch feels perfect on my wrist and I feel very proud to be one of the lucky owners of this mesmerizing work of art by a highly respected brand.

How did you get into watches?

I started thinking about owning a watch by the time I finished high school, as a reward for my accomplishment. As a kid I never really liked the feeling of anything on my wrist. However, it was kind of a norm for a college student to wear a nice watch in my community, which encouraged me to get one.

Watches had just started to go viral on Instagram, so that made it easier to learn about them. As I started browsing the stores, I saw an MB&F Legacy Machine LM1 in one of the Seddiqi multi-brand stores. I was fascinated about how quickly that shiny round wheel was rotating on the face of the watch (I didn’t know what a balance wheel was at that time).

Mechanics have always been entertaining to me, and how kinetic energy can make things move in a very complex way through gears. It was too “complicated” for my mind back then, and I thought that whoever can produce such a thing is a genius. It lit the spark of my curiosity, so I went home and started researching this piece. From that point, I started learning more about watches, why people pay such substantial amounts for it and how it all started. So I think it was the LM1 for me.

What was your first watch?

Of course, I was still sane back then. Even though I was in love with all these watches, I couldn’t justify their prices. It wasn’t a big passion yet as it is now, so I went for a nice ‘cool guy watch’. Not your usual Sub or Datejust, but the “more expensive”, “more exclusive” and the ultimate choice of the “real connoisseurs”, the Rolex Yachtmaster 116622 with a blue dial and a platinum bezel. Lol.

What’s your holy grail?

The Patek Philippe 5207P, probably with the brown guilloché dial. Sexiest case from the brand, instantaneous perpetual calendar and a minute repeater done by the best minute repeater makers in the industry IMO. It looks amazing yet ultra-low-key on the wrist with a hidden tourbillon (which doesn’t really matter that much to me after all the horological wizardry this watch is housing). This watch looks like what a watch should look like. It ticks every single box. Pure craft along with romance. To me, this is what Patek really represents.

What a cool guy. No bling, just a genuine passion for horology. Make sure to check out his Instagram if you want to see more pictures.

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