Trolling Fake Ballers: AP Royal Oak (Lit On Fire)

We have all done some dumb things in our lives. Like I, for example, have once packed my bags so bad that I went to my Mediterranean summer holiday without any shorts or swimming trunks. I only packed 2 sweaters, 1 pair of jeans and flip flops.

Wineglasses? Have broken more of those than I’d like to admit. And how about searching for your sunglasses while wearing them? We are all victims of our own foolish actions.

But what about bringing a 7 euro fake AP to a watchmaker, and claiming it’s real? That’s some proper grade-A bonehead behaviour. It happened to @the_tall_watchmaker, and he handled it very discretely. By ‘discretely’ I of course mean he lit it on fire with a blowtorch.

Apparently when he tried to give it back, the owner wasn’t pleased. Who would have guessed?

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