Spotted: De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius

A watch usually is a very personal object. We share our best moments with our watches on our wrists, as well as our most miserable. In other words: that thing on your wrist has seen just as much as you have.

But how can a watch be even more personal? This is where my insta-friend Luis steals the spotlight.

Luis: A watch that means a lot to me is my De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius. The dots on the blued titanium dial represent the stars. The ‘default’ dial shows the milky way, but De Bethune gives you the option to choose how you want the stars on your dial to stand. You can pick the sky from any geographical location and date to be your own ‘piece unique’ dial.

Like this, you can make the the dial shows exactly how the sky looked like that night.

I choose my dial to be customized with the night sky of my wedding day. I think that says it all.

Another watch that has a special place in my hart is this Rolex Datejust. On my father’s 50th birthday, he received a brand new Rolex 16233 from his best friend, with the exact date stamped on the papers. That friend is a special person who has been and still is a true blessing to our family.

In recent years, my dad has only been wearing a quartz watch for convenience reason, so he gave his Datejust to me. This watch will definitely be a heirloom of my family.

How did you get into watches?

I am an example of a doubter turned into believer. I used to see watches merely as a tool of telling time, and never understood what the fascination was. One day, I decided to figure out this watch obsession thing, simply out of curiosity. After a few weeks of reading watch forums, things began to make sense to me, and I realized: “I’m in.”

What was you first watch?

The first “serious” watch I bought was a two tone Rolex GMT Master II. At that time I thought this would be my only watch. Little did I know what the watch bug would do to me later.

What’s your holy grail?

A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Decimal Minute Repeater. Just a masterpiece with a straightforward and intuitive way of telling the time.

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