Spotted: White Panerai PAM00561 (on a baby blue strap)

There are some people in the world with damn cool jobs. There is probably a guy on this planet whose job it is to massage Alexis Ren’s butt with sunscreen every day. Let’s be honest, our jobs suck compared to that guy. 

My buddy Jake can’t complain either. He is the VP of Horus straps, and his job description includes hanging out with the biggest and boldest celebs and rappers, driving Lamborghini’s and shooting iced out Royal Oak’s with the most flashy rubber straps. And yet, his daily watch is a white Panerai. An interesting watch, but certainly not a watch you would associate with bling and sports cars. Let’s find out why! 

Tell us some more about this watch

Jake: Recently, I have been rocking the white face Panerai PAM00561 nearly every day. It’s the most comfortable watch I have ever worn and it looks incredible with any Horus Strap. It’s simple and not too flashy. The white lends itself nicely to any camouflage or solid color strap, which is very important to me since I am constantly taking photos for the brand. The ease of changing the strap on a Panerai is a beautiful thing. 

Also, it’s a cool detail that you have to wind the 561’s only once every 8 days. 

What’s a watch that means a lot to you?

Jake: Panerai PAM00250 – the first watch I really learned to love. This was my first “real” watch, and it now holds a special place in my heart. A Panerai with chrono’s is not something you see too often, so I find it to be a unique piece. The complexity of the dial and bezel is something I personally enjoy looking at. 

Something that I have always found interesting about Panerai is that they always give you something, but not everything. Ironically, compared to most Panerai’s I feel like the PAM00250 gives you a bit of everything! Minus an open case back, I guess. 

How did you get into watches? 

Jake: Funny story, actually. When I was in high school, Meek Mill would always rap about his AP’s. This was before lyrics with Patek Phillipe and other Swiss brands were considered cool and normal. Back in those days, Patek, AP, and Richard Mille weren’t really watches everyone knew about. Meek would rap:  “Audemar on my wrist, buss down” / “AP, that’s an Audemar” etc. From this, I learned about Audemars from Meek Mill! I started to read up on the brand, and I gained a massive appreciation for AP and Swiss watches in general. 

Fast forward a few years, Meek Mill now wears multiple Horus Straps relatively often and completely organically. There’s no better feeling than seeing one of your favorite Hip Hop Artists wearing your product. 

As I began to get involved with Horus, I gained a massive appreciation for Swiss watches. The movements, complexity, brand history, the man-hours that go into creating one of these watches… it is just incredible. 

What’s your ‘holy grail’? 

Jake: My holy grail is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 26400AU.OO.A002CA.01 (Commonly known as the AP 44MM Forged Carbon). While it isn’t the priciest or rarest watch on the market, there’s something about that watch that hits different. I absolutely love it.