Doxa Sub 300 Professional

For most of us, 2020 will go down in history as an awful year. A pandemic, lockdowns, blazing fires, riots… and to top it all off, they took our OG James Bond. 2020 hasn’t been kind so far.

On the other hand, it has been an amazing year for others. If you bought stocks from videoconferencing platform ‘Zoom’ in march, you might sit on a silver cloud and a ton of cash right now.

Another brand who has been killing it lately is Doxa. Doxa has had a very strong year with amazing releases and rising popularity.

For those who are not too familiar with Doxa, the brand started off in 1889 making dress watches in the Jura valley in Switzerland. It wasn’t until the late 1960’s, 1967 to be exact, before they came out with what they are most known for now, the Doxa Sub.

The Sub 300 Professional is probably the most iconic version of the model.

Doxa’s (Literal) Colorful History

While brands like Blancpain, Rolex and Omega were working on dive watches with black dials, Doxa had a different approach. They tested various dial colors under water to see which color dial was the easiest to read while diving. Orange came out as the clear winner. Famous naval officer and explorer Jacques Cousteau is probably the person responsible for giving Doxa the reputation of the established dive watch it is today. The name Cousteau might go hand in hand with everything sub sea-level, and Cousteau went hand in hand (or wrist) with his own and favorite orange Doxa Sub 300.

More than 50 years after the first release, the modernized Sub 300 was re-released this year by Doxa and placed in the current collection. . It is very similar to the 300T but has some key differences which make it my preferred choice. The domed crystal, COSC certified movement and slimmer case make it the perfect re-issue of an icon.

Case Dimensions

The case measures 42.5 x 45 mm with a total thickness of 13.40mm. On the wrist it wears considerably smaller and does not feel like 42.5mm at all! It might be more comparable to a 39mm watch due to the design of the cushion case, which makes it excellent for daily use. If we compare it to the 300T (which has a water resistance of 1200m), the 300 is 0.60 mm slimmer even though it has a domed crystal. The domed crystal adds a fantastic vintage element to the watch which really brings things to the next level. The way the crystal distorts the edge of the dial is something you can look at for hours. It really gives it an extra dimension to the watch, and keeps it from feeling flat or dull.

Bracelets And Straps

The Sub 300 Professional is available with 6 dial options and two bracelet options. The rubber strap has a nice grainy and slightly matte finish to it. The strap is curved and really hugs your wrist quite nicely. I don’t understand why brands would choose straight rubber strap, since those straps usually feel as comfortable as a pair of new leather shoes.

The curved rubber strap also gives it a more luxurious feel.

The beads of rice bracelets is a nice addition next to the rubber. The brushed side links and polished center links really blend with the case in a very subtle but noticeable way.

The clasp feels very well made and features a diver extension. The clasp might feel a bit big and overwhelming at first, but its weight balances the weight of the case in an oddly logical way.

The clasp has an easy to use button for sliding micro adjustment. The micro adjustments are made to enlarge the width of the strap so you can quickly strap your watch over your wetsuit, but are in fact mainly used by thick-wristed men who get uncomfortable when the weather gets a bit too hot outside. Don’t tell anyone I told you that. The dive story sounds cooler and sells better.

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