Spotted: Pièce Unique Rolex Daydate 1803 From Christian Zeron

Some time ago, I started chatting with Christian Zeron. Christian is a really cool guy from New Jersey, and the founder of Theo&Harris. If you just asked ‘who/what is Theo& Harris’, go educate yourself, you uncultured swine. Theo&Harris is one of the fastest rising names in the vintage watchworld. They specialize in selling the rarest […]

Will Million Dollar Auctions Turn The Watch Industy Into A Bubble?

2017 was a year filled with record breaking watch auctions. The whole 18 million dollar Paul Newman mediastorm wasn’t over yet, and the Patek Philippe 5208T Onlywatch surprised us, fetching $6.2 million. Not even a week later, the Patek 2523 caught $2.8 million in Hong Kong. And the $5 milion Rolex Bao Dai? Boring old […]